Both amateur and expert anglers know the waters around Panama are a prime place to be for various kinds of sport fishing. One of the most beautiful types of fish that you can catch here is the Bluefin Trevally. Here is some information about the Bluefin Trevally type of fish and Bluefin Trevally fishing tips to help you be successful on your Panama adventure.

Where Bluefin Trevally Are Found

Bluefin Trevally are unique because they are generally solitary. However, they may also live in small groups in certain habitats. In our area, you will typically find Bluefin Trevally fish living in both shallow coastal waters and deep open ocean area but usually always near rock structure. Spend time in outer reef waters and deep lagoons during the day and then in the shallow reef areas and harbors during the evening to encounter these fish.

Why Catch Bluefin Trevally

This beautiful fish has a remarkably bright blue tail and spots to complement its silver/white compact body. They are a challenging fish to catch because they fight hard and will crush a live bait, popper, or swim bait. These fish are known for their aggressive behavior and for being very fast and strong swimmers. Catching one of these beauties is a great accomplishment for any angler and truly an experience that will never be forgotten.

Bluefin Trevally Fishing Tips

When fishing in Panama, anglers here catch Bluefin Trevally using both lures and bait. However, lures tend to be more consistently successful. You might try a combination of live bait and lures on your first time out on the water. Bluefin Trevally can usually be found near rocky coastlines and around submerged rocks in shallow water and inshore reefs in less than 100 feet. They are attracted to small bait fish and crustaceans and are constantly looking for a quick meal. Try casting a swim bait, like the Yo-Zuri Mag Darter or Hydro Minnow, around these areas with a fast retrieve. Also, slow trolling a live bridled Blue Runner or Goggle Eye around inshore reefs will most certainly produce a strike from a nearby Blue Trevally.

Culinary Options with Bluefin Trevally

Bluefin Trevally are delicious fish to cook and eat with a culinary standpoint. The meat of these fish, which is dense and slightly oily, tastes better than most other types of jacks and is a welcome main course for any meal. We like to grill, barbecue, and pan-fry these fish after taking off the skin. This fish pairs well with long-grain rice, coconut, lemon, curry, and chili.

Why Choose Us for Your Bluefin Trevally Fishing Adventure

As part of our commitment to sustainability of the ocean, we release most of the Bluefin Trevally that we catch and only keep what we can truly eat and enjoy. We offer unique fishing experiences in a remote and tropical island paradise that’s off-the-grid and has access to some of the best Bluefin Trevally fishing in the world.

Come fish with us, stay at our offshore private island lodge, and enjoy amazing Bluefin Trevally dishes prepared by our expert chef. Contact Capt. Shane at [email protected] or call 1 (866) 245-1492  to learn more!