Gulf of Chiriquí

Welcome to the “ground zero” of Panama’s World Class Fishery

Panama’s Gulf of Chiriqui is one of the premier saltwater sport fishing destinations in the world! A remote tropical environment, home to more than 20 Pelagic and Inshore game fish species. No big industrial commercial fishing operations, and governmental protection of all billfish are a few of the reasons why fishing Panama is so great. Epic Marlin and Tuna action at nearby Hannibal Bank and awesome inshore fishing right at our lodge’s doorstep make Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge an ideal location.

Large scale map of Gulf of Chiriqui showing distance to Isla Montuosa, and the Hannibal Bank

Why is Fishing Panama in the Gulf of Chiriqui so Unique?

The Gulf of Chiriqui’s diverse fishery is remarkable because of it’s unique bathymetry, dominated by undersea structure and currents. The banks and pinnacles around the various island groups, like the fishing grounds at the famed Hannibal Bank and near Isla Montuosa, are fed by the nutrient rich waters of the Humboldt Current. This strong underwater current flows north, along the west side of South America, up into the Gulf of Chiriqui. This drives the cold, nutrient-rich water from the ocean floor bringing it to the surface. These nutrients support abundant microscopic life, which in turn supports a chain of ever-larger baitfish bringing the larger predatory pelagics here to hunt. It is common to come across huge schools of boiling Yellowfin Tuna in “Tuna Frenzies” or to see Black Marlin exploding on the surface while feeding at these offshore banks. Fishing in the Gulf of Chiriqui is most definitely unique as the scenic inshore fishery presents seemingly endless opportunities as well. Miles and miles of rocky coastline surround our lodge on Isla Parida and the many island groups that are encompassed within the Gulf of Chiriqui. These spots are the perfect environment for large predators to thrive, and are only a short boat ride from our lodge.


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