Group of anglers around table enjoying food and beverage

Food and Beverage with Our All-Inclusive Fishing Packages

While staying with us at our Panama fishing lodge food and beverage is all inclusive, including all gourmet appetizers and premium liquors. Our chef Eduardo prepares customized “over-the-top” dishes for your culinary delight using the best ingredients from local markets and the freshest, just-caught seafood. No expense is spared to source local fish, lobster, shrimp, and conch, along with our butcher’s freshest cuts of chicken, pork, and meat.

Chef presenting ceviche to clients at Panama Sport Fish Island Lodge

A successful day on the water means fresh sushi and sashimi back at the lodge!

Anglers enjoying cocktail hour food and beverages on the outside dining area at Sport Fish Panama Lodge
Appetizers and drinks awaiting arrival of clients at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge

Our all-inclusive fishing package includes all soft drinks, bottled water, beer, and alcoholic beverages! We stock authentic Abuelo brand Panamanian rum, Absolut vodka, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Johnny Walker Black scotch, 1800 Tequila, and a wide selection of South American red and white wines, not to mention plenty of ice-cold Panama beer.

The outside bar at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge

If someone in your group has a specific food or alcohol preference, just let us know. We will make sure that we accommodate you.

Appetizer tray at Panama fishing lodge


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