Panama Fish Species

Panama Fish Species at SFPIL

When the Spaniards first arrived here in the early 1500’s they named the country “Panama” from the native Kuna Indian’s language which means “Abundance of Fish” or “Place of Many Fish”. And we would definitely have to agree! There are over 50 species of game fish here to be caught and over 250 World Records have been caught in Panamanian waters!

Other than the Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, and Roosterfish that we already mentioned…a few of our more frequently caught Panama fish species are:

  • Cubera Snapper
  • Dogtooth Snapper
  • Mexican Barred Pargo
  • Amberjack
  • Jack Crevalle
  • Horse-eye Jack
  • Bluefin Trevalle
  • Blackfin Trevalle
  • Almaco Jack
  • White Tip Shark
  • Rainbow Runner
  • Wahoo
  • Oriental Bonito
  • African Pompano
  • Pacific Snook