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The Fish Gods were looking down favorably again on @stangsalie and Jimmy!


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Fantastic trip again! Sad to be leaving today. We will miss ya'll! Now....to start planning our next trip......

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Awesome day!! FINALLY got my first Dorado!

Some impressive catches 💪

Wow, great job Heather Lousteau

I hope y'all are eatin' some of this good fish :)

Dante and Joyce with an impressive Yellowfin Tuna they caught with us last week!


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Jerrybenoit nice catch great tuna

Matt Zavodny this is where we need to go

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Customized Panama Fishing Trips

Captain Shane Jarvis will work with you to schedule, customize, and coordinate your Panama Sport Fishing Trip. Not only will he guide you on your Panama Fishing Charter offshore each day…he will also help you plan your trip based on what species you want to target and personally answer any questions you may have. From Black Marlin/Yellowfin Tuna at Hannibal Bank to Roosterfish/Cubera Snapper at Isla Coiba your group can experience it all! We offer truly all-inclusive VIP packages, customized trip schedules, and Professional Panama Fishing Day Charters out of Boca Chica.

When you return to the island from your day on the water, relax in your private air conditioned jungle cabana overlooking a magnificent volcanic rock beach with mesmerizing blue-green water that teems with life. Enjoy a cold drink surrounded by lush rainforest canopies and exotic species of flora and fauna. Our comfortable Panama Fishing Lodge has luxurious accommodations, exquisite cuisine prepared by your personal gourmet chef, and a relaxed atmosphere that will set you at ease. If you’re looking for a world-class Panama Fishing Trip on a remote tropical island oasis, you’ve found the right place!

Only in Panama!