Did you know that there are over 34,000 different species of fish living in the world today?

Among these many fish are Jack fish, and numerous fish are considered to be Jacks because of their genetics and shared characteristics. This article explores the Jack fish family and the types of fish that are part of this family group.

Almaco Jack

Here in the Gulf of Chiriquí and Hannibal Bank, we fish for Almaco Jack or “Bohala” fish. These fish are also known as Amberjack and have an olive color, compact body, and pull really hard. We catch these fish in deep water from 90 to 300 feet.

Jack Crevalle

When you come fishing in Panama, you can also catch Jack Crevalle, which is aggressive and fights hard. These fish are white and yellow in color and typically range from five to 40 pounds in weight.

Horse-eye Jack

Horse-eye Jack fish are similar to Jack Crevalle fish but have larger eyes and a grey coloration. We don’t see these fish as frequently as Jack Crevalle fish on our Boca Chica charters, and they are not good fish to eat. When we do see Horse-eye Jack fish, they are usually in the inshore areas and seamounts.

Bluefin Trevally

Among the various Panama fish species in the Jack fish family is the Bluefin Trevally, an incredibly beautiful fish with electric blue spots and tail. These fish are delicious to eat but we release almost all of them that we catch to practice sustainability of the species.

Rainbow Runner

Another Jack-type fish that we catch near our sport fishing lodge is the Rainbow Runner. These are very unique Jack fish because they have round bodies and a diverse coloration with green, blue, olive, and yellow hues. We will often find these fish in big schools off the pinnacles of seamounts. These are excellent fish to use when preparing sushi and ceviche.

African Pompano

Also known for being aggressive and fighting hard, the African Pompano is a Jack fish that is exceptionally good to eat as well. These fish have silver-colored bodies that are look almost metallic and a distinct body shape that resembles a suit of armor. These fish have a prehistoric look to them and are often caught inshore.

Catch Jack Family Fish with Us

Now that you know a bit more about fish in the Jack fish family, are you ready to get out on the water and catch some?

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