Marlin fish offer some of the best sport fishing experiences that any fishing enthusiast could ever hope for. This type of fish is often considered the “holy grail” of sport fishing because of how large, powerful, and challenging these fish are to catch.

To improve your odds of catching one, you’ll want to work with our experienced local captain and plan your trip at the right time of year. Here are some tips for the best time to catch Marlin!

Types of Marlin in Panama  

The Gulf of Chiriquí is home to both Black Marlin and Blue Marlin. These are distinctly different types of fish that vary in terms of speed, size, appearance, and location. Black Marlin fish are slower swimmers, have shorter dorsal fins, and are usually found closer to the surface of the water. Meanwhile, Blue Marlin fish are more difficult to catch, have thinner bills, and prefer to be in deep water.

Where to Fish for Marlin in Our Area

The Gulf of Chiriquí is an ideal place to look for Marlin fish and many other species of fish because of the undersea structure, currents, and nutrient-rich waters here. One of our favorite places to take people for Marlin fishing is Hannibal Bank, which is one of the top spots on the planet to catch both Marlin and Tuna. We’ll often see Black Marlin on the surface feeding at Hannibal Bank in this region, which is perfect for all your big game aspirations.

Timing Your Trip

Fortunately, there really is no “bad” time of the year to fish for Marlin. We catch Marlin during every month!

However, a lot of the Marlin we catch are between November and February and then again between July through September. November through February is a great time because of the high bait concentrations around Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa. Here in Panama, we experience our wet season around July through September, which is a great time to fish for Marlin too because it’s when the females come to spawn and when there’s less boat traffic.

Best Conditions to Catch Marlin

Marlin fish gravitate toward water that is between 70 and 85 degrees. This is why we are able to run fishing trips all throughout the year here in Panama. These are aggressive and predatory fish that we are often successful in catching with artificial lures. However, we also use live bait in small fishing areas while trolling where fish congregate. We know all the best tips and tricks for catching Marlin in various conditions and can’t wait to show you!

Book Your Marlin Fishing Trip

Sport fishing in Panama is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. To make trip planning easy and fun, we also offer lodge accommodations that are secluded, modern, and luxurious. When you stay with us, you’ll have everything from hot water showers to air conditioning, Wi-Fi, stocked beverage refrigerators, and daily laundry service.

Contact us to schedule your Marlin fishing adventure today!