Here in the Gulf of Chiriquí, we are at the “ground zero” of world-class fishing, with over 20 game fish species to entice anglers from all over the world. Two of these types of fish are the Blue Marlin and Black Marlin, but despite their similar name, there are actually quite a few differences between the two.

Here’s an overview of differences between Blue Marlin and Black Marlin so you know what to expect when you come marlin fishing with us in Panama at the Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge.

Speed Differences Among Marlin

One notable difference is that Blue Marlin are faster swimmers than Black Marlin. This often means that Blue Marlin are more difficult to catch and really put a fisherman’s skills to the test. You may need to increase the speed of your boat to keep up with this fast fish and switch up your baiting strategy accordingly.

This is why it’s a good idea to have a captain who understands everything there is to know about Panama fishing so that you can be successful out on the water.

Size and Appearance Differences 

Blue and Black Marlin have anatomical differences that give them distinct characteristics worth learning about. Black Marlin have thicker heads and shorter bills that are often downturned slightly. Meanwhile, Blue Marlin have a thinner bill and a more streamlined appearance.

Blue Marlin have a taller dorsal fin than Black Marlin. Also, Blue Marlin have pectoral fins that fold closely against its sides, while the Black Marlin’s pectoral fins are rigid, shaped more like a sickle, and do not fold flush against it’s body. Blue Marlin are obviously more bluish in color but may have iridescent vertical stripes running long their bodies. Black Marlin may have faintly colored blue vertical stripes, especially when they are excited, and also have shades of gold, green, white, or silver.

Where the Marlin Fish Live

There are also differences between Blue Marlin and Black Marlin with regard to where the fish live. Both types are commonly found around Hannibal Bank but at different levels of water depth. Black Marlins are typically founder closer to the surface at around 50 fathoms or less. Meanwhile, Blue Marlins like to be at more like 100 fathoms or even deeper. This difference is important when you are trying to catch a Marlin and deciding where to place your boat when on a fishing excursion.

Book Your Trip to Catch Blue and Black Marlin 

If you are enticed by the idea of catching a Marlin, you’re in the right place! Black and Blue Marlin are among our top specialties, so you’ll be in good hands when you book your trip with us and stay at our unique Panama sport fishing lodge.

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