Of course, the activity that you are most looking forward to when you book a Panama fishing trip is getting out on the water and having an unforgettable experience catching some epic species of fish. But when you book a trip with us, there are many other things to look forward to as well.

In this article, we share some ideas about what to do on your trip when you aren’t fishing for a fun and relaxing vacation in Panama.

Ocean Kayaking Along the Shore

We operate three 33-foot World Cat catamaran fishing boats and a 33-foot Freeman for our fishing expeditions. But these aren’t the only ways to get out on the water and experience our beautiful region. We also have eight high-quality kayaks that you can use to explore along the coast and visit the many islands within the park. Ocean kayaking is a great workout and an excellent way to connect with and appreciate the waterways surrounding you.

Snorkeling to Explore Underwater

Another fun way to get active and explore the Panama coast is snorkeling. We have some excellent snorkeling areas in front of our lodge where you can see the local sea life up close. Bring your own snorkeling equipment!

Beach Combing to Hunt for Treasures

Beachcombing involves looking in and digging through the sand to find interesting objects and items of potential value. It’s like hunting for buried treasure, and you never know what you might find under the surface of the sand! Beachcombing can also be combined with hiking from beach to beach as you travel the jungle trails on our island.

Bird Watching to Learn About Native Species

Many beautiful birds call Isla Parida home. Macaws, toucans, and other birds can be easily seen from our area as they rest on rainforest branches and soar high above in the sky. Bird-watching is best done with a good set of binoculars and some patience. It’s a great activity for slowing down your pace of traveling and helping you truly appreciate nature.

Enjoy Tasty Food and Drinks

But let’s not forget about the food and drinks because plenty is to be enjoyed in Panama! When you stay at our all-inclusive fishing lodge, you can enjoy gourmet appetizers, locally sourced fish, and over-the-top dishes with the freshest ingredients. Besides fresh fish caught right from our boats, other tasty delights to look forward to are fresh cuts of chicken and pork, lobster, shrimp, conch, and vegetarian options. In addition to soft drinks, we also have a large selection of alcoholic beverages to share with you, including local Panama beer, South American red and white wines, Abuelo Panamanian rum, and Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

Simply Relax at the Lodge

Yet one of the most enjoyable aspects of a Panama vacation is sitting back, relaxing, and doing nothing. Our inviting lodge atmosphere invites you to truly unwind and get into an island state of mind. Hang out around the lodge while spending time with your travel companions, make new friends, or chat with us about local culture and ways of life.

We look forward to getting to know you and introducing you to all the fantastic things to do in Panama, from fishing to much more!