When you join us for a Panama fishing expedition, there are numerous fishing methods that we’ll likely use, such as using baits, jigs, poppers, and trolling with artificial lures. One of the most exciting methods is live bait fishing, which involves using baitfish that is still alive on the hook to catch game fish.

Here’s an overview of live bait fishing and how to fish with live bait in Panama.

What Is Live Bait Fishing?

Anglers can use live bait, dead bait, or artificial lures to catch fish. However, live bait is particularly effective in catching game fish because they are attracted to the smell and taste of live fish at the end of your line. Live bait is a natural food source for fish and often better than imitation products. You can buy live bait at a bait shop or catch your own bait in a net or trap to use with larger fish later.

Live Bait Fishing vs. Dead Bait Fishing

Live bait is an excellent fishing option when you’re in the Gulf of Chiriquí and Hannibal Bank. Live bait attracts a wide range of fish species and makes it more likely that you will catch something. It tends to be cheaper than commercial lures in the long-run, and it can be returned to the sea to survive if you don’t use it all during your trip.

However, live bait fishing has certain storage considerations to keep the bait alive with refrigerator and circulating water. It can be heavier to carry than dead bait and also messier to handle. Both live bait and dead bait are good options for sport fishing in Panama and each have their own place in the world of sport fishing.

What Fish Is Used for Live Bait Fishing?             

Some of the most common types of fish used for live bait fishing are minnows, crayfish, salamanders, worms, leeches, and insects. Shrimp and crabs can also be used as live bait. Certain types of fish are attracted to specific kinds of bait, and big baits are better at catching big fish. Tuna, for example is best caught with blue runners.

How to Fish with Live Bait 

You can try various fishing techniques using live bait, including drifting, bottom fishing, live lining, trolling, chumming, and still fishing. Good hook placement is essential, and you can hook live bait through the nostrils, dorsal fin, throat, anal fin, or anal vent. Experience over time will show you how to make your bait swim where you want it to while keeping it alive and attractive to predators.

Come with Us to Try Live Bait Fishing!

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