All around the world, people enjoy fishing from the shore, whether it’s on a ocean beach, pier, dock, or grassy area beside a lake. But you can take your interest in fishing to the next level by going farther out into the water for some serious deep-sea catches.

Panama is a prime place to try this kind of fishing, so here are some tips from the pros about offshore fishing in Panama.

What Is Offshore Fishing?

Nine is the magic number when it comes to inshore fishing vs. offshore fishing. Offshore fishing is done at least nine miles from the shoreline, but true deep-sea fishing is more like 20 to 30 miles away from land. The water out here can be hundreds or thousands of feet deep and provide you with unique challenges, different kinds of fish, and a remote experience.

Differences Between Inshore and Offshore Fishing

Aside from the distance from shore, there are other differences between the two kinds of fishing. With offshore fishing in Panama, you’ll be on a larger boat and have a longer day out on the water. You’ll often catch larger fish out here, but you’ll need to pay attention to the time of year and weather conditions more because of seasonal changes. Heavy-duty equipment and electronic tracking equipment may be used for fishing and navigation when you are offshore.

Offshore Fishing Panama Tips

To be successful on an offshore fishing expedition, here are some tips from the pros at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge:

  • Know the differences between types of fish that live far out in the water
  • Understand that a good part of your time will be spent traveling and not just fishing
  • Consider a multi-day offshore trip to allow for more time on the boat
  • Focus your efforts on bottom fishing and trolling offshore
  • Check the weather and tide schedules before your trip
  • Hire an experienced local guide to show you the best fishing spots and techniques
  • Keep your passport handy in case you need to show it
  • Soak up the incredible scenery of the offshore islands and open water – truly a slice of paradise!

How to Have the Best Offshore Fishing Panama Experience

Offshore fishing in Panama is a unique and unforgettable experience because of the types of fish you can catch, authentic lodging to make you comfortable, and the vibrant culture to learn about. We offer the best boats, equipment, and guides to help you be successful in the deep water, as well as competitive rates to make your fishing adventure an affordable one.

We’ll show you everything we know about offshore fishing in Panama and take care of all the logistics so you can relax and focus on your fishing goals for the day. To learn more or to book your trip, contact us at [email protected] or 866-245-1492.