The coast off of Panama is one of the most amazing places in the world to go sport fishing. However, some times of year, times of day, and other factors influence how good the fishing is and what you’re likely to catch.

To help you decide when to plan your fishing adventure, here is a Panama fishing calendar and other tips for being successful out on the water.

Panama Fishing Calendar by the Month

Here in Panama, we have a wet season and a dry season each year. The wet season runs from May to November, while the dry season is from December to April. Typically, October is the wettest month of all.

The busy season picks up here in January because this is when the weather really dries out and the yellowfin tuna are abundant with the winds and choppy water conditions. When February and March roll around, you can often catch dorado fish and black and blue marlin here. The winds begin to calm down a bit in April and May, so we often shift our focus to cubera snapper and Pacific sailfish during this time by using trolling techniques.

In June, there tend to be a few more rain showers but the black marlin and yellowfin tuna are still very common. July and August see some scattered rain and thunderstorms, as well as lots of dorado fish to catch. In September, you’ll start seeing more rain but dorado fishing is still great. Some other fishing guide companies actually shut down their operations during the rainy October and November months, but we can help you catch various species at this time if you don’t mind getting a little wet. Those rains taper off in December as temperatures drop and many species of fish are active with the changing season, such as black marlin, cubera snapper, and rooster fish.

Best Times of Day for Fishing in Panama

Once you’ve selected your days to visit, keep in mind that the best time to fish in Panama is typically a couple hours before and after high tides and low tides. Just after sun-up and just before or after sundown are great times of day to be out on the water. Keep an eye on the barometer for times when the air pressure is either stable or rising because these are good times to fish. In general, it’s easier to catch fish here when the waters are more still rather than during very windy conditions.

Booking Your Fishing Adventure at the Optimal Time

If you have any questions about when to book your trip based up on this Panama fishing calendar, give us a call at 866-245-1492 or email us at [email protected]. We offer all-inclusive Panama fishing vacation packages that include the fishing charter, lodging, transportation, meals, open bar, Wi-Fi, laundry service, and even more special perks. If the weather turns bad during your trip and your captain determines it’s not safe to go out on the boat, you’ll receive a credit for that day’s fishing on your next booking.

Contact us to make your fishing reservation today and secure your spot during the time of your choice!