Sport fishing is a unique skill that’s part science, part art, part experience, and part luck! Not only do fishing techniques vary by the type of fish, but also the location where you are fishing, the weather conditions, and what equipment you have in the boat.

Here’s an overview of fishing techniques and fishing methods that we commonly use for sport fishing here in Panama.

Trolling for Panama Fish

Deep-sea trolling is a very common way for anglers to catch fish around Panama out in the open ocean. The boat drags bait through the water and covers a good amount of ground. Certain types of fish require you to change your speed while trolling, but we usually stick to between four and nine knots. While trolling, we keep the lure a few feet under the surface of the water unless it’s a skirted lure that needs to come up to the surface occasionally. Trolling sinkers can be used on boats moving at low speeds, and a trolling weight can be used to get the lure even deeper in the water.

Jigging for Panama Fish

Jigs are a type of artificial lure that is highly effective in catching fish here in Panama. The lure is usually made from metal and may have feathers attached. This is one of our saltwater shore fishing techniques that involves casting and reeling – oftentimes off the side of a rocky cliff. Rods for jigging are usually short, flexible, durable, and have a long handle. It can be a great choice among the options for bottom fishing techniques in saltwater.

Popping for Panama Fish

Popping is another one of our fishing methods to trigger strikes and entice fish to come feed. Poppers are lures that move water with a hollowed, concave nose. This strategy works well to produce amazing top water strikes that really gets your adrenaline pumping.

Using Live Bait vs. Dead Bait

You can use either live bait or dead bait to catch fish in Panama and enjoy the culinary rewards of their delicious flavors for your evening meal. Live bait is a good option because of the movement that lures fish to strike. Meanwhile, dead bait has a strong scent and can save you time when the fish are really biting. Spreader bars, chunking, and outriggers can also be used with bait in our area.

Inshore vs. Offshore Fishing

There are certain types of fish that are ideal for catching inshore, which is defined as nine miles from the shoreline. But many of our customers prefer offshore fishing because it allows them to experience the wild natural environment of the ocean and have access to so many more types of fish.

At Fish Panama Today, we know all the tricks of the trade and will help you use the best fishing techniques and methods to catch various kinds of incredible fish. We are a family-owned-and-operated sport fishing company that offers awesome all-inclusive experiences that you’ll never forget. Contact us at [email protected] or 866-245-1492 to learn more!