If you are like many people right now, you’re craving an existing adventure, a private island retreat, and the trip of a lifetime. Well, the secret is out that one of the most unique experiences you can plan is an offshore fishing excursion here in Panama! We are a family-owned-and-operated sport fishing company that’s dedicated to helping you get off the grid while also indulging in an all-inclusive awesome experience.

Here’s why and how you should be planning an offshore fishing Panama trip for your next big adventure.

Offshore Fishing vs. Inshore Fishing

Offshore fishing is also known as ‘deep-sea fishing’ and typically done at least nine miles away from the shore. Inshore fishing is anything closer to the shore than this. We love offshore fishing because it really allows you to experience the wild natural environment and have access to many more species of fish that thrive out here in the wide-open spaces.

What Makes Offshore Fish in Panama So Special?

Offshore fishing Panama in the Gulf of Chiriquí is so unique and special because of the abundance of life we have here. The offshore currents push water rich with nutrients and abundant with life up into the Gulf of Chiriquí. These nutrients support abundant microscopic life, which in turn supports a chain of ever-larger baitfish bringing the larger predatory fish here to hunt. These fish along with the undersea structures, as well as the pinnacles and banks around all the local island groups make the waters here the perfect environment for offshore sport fishing.

When you go offshore fishing with us in Panama, you can also feel good knowing that we prioritize the sustainability of the ocean and truly value our precious natural resources so that many more generations of anglers can enjoy them too. We release many of the fish we catch!

What Fish Will You Catch?

When you book an offshore fishing Panama trip with us, you can expect to catch many different fish. Over 50 species of fish have been caught here, including the following types:

  • Cubera Snapper
  • Mullet Snapper
  • Mexican Barred Snapper
  • Almaco Jack
  • Wahoo
  • Horse-eye Jack
  • Bluefin Trevally
  • Yellowfina Tuna
  • Pacific Sailfish
  • Black Marlin
  • Blue Marlin

Common Offshore Fishing Techniques

One of the best parts of about offshore fishing with us is that we will teach you various techniques to help you be successful at catching fish. From jiggling to popping, using live bait versus dead bait, trolling plastic lures, and setting baits out in front of a feeding school of porpoises, we know all the tips and tricks of the trade! We’ll help you learn to use various types of tackle to catch all kinds of fish in various different situations.

Where Can You Find the Best Offshore Fishing?

Okay, we might be a bit biased, but we are convinced that the very best offshore fishing in the world is in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama. To make the most of our ideal location, we regularly take fishing groups out to Hannibal Bank, Isla Ladrones, Isla Montuosa, Islas Secas, and near to Isla Coiba.

Why Stay at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge?

When you fish with us, you can stay at our private island lodge that’s 12 miles off the Pacific coast of Panama on Isla Paridas. It has a central location in the Gulf of Chiriquí and is 45 minutes closer to the offshore action than the other lodges on the mainland. At our lodge, we also offer many different fun activities, meals included, alcohol included, and all the comforts of home.

If all of this sounds great to you, then please reach out to us to start planning your trip! You can fill out our online form, email Capt. Shane at [email protected], or call us at 866-245-1492 to learn more or to get some dates on the calendar!