From Instagram photos to YouTube videos and personal stories told by your friends, everyone is into foodie-inspired travel these days. By letting your taste buds guide your travel experiences, you can learn so much about a place, its people, and really appreciate the local culture.

To give you this experience in Panama, we provide locally curated food and beverages with our all-inclusive fishing packages. This is such a special treat because it gives fishing enthusiasts the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into the local fishing scene by celebrating our rich culinary traditions in the most delicious way possible.

What Panama Dishes Do We Offer?

The Panama food offerings and beverages that we serve at our fishing lodge include gourmet appetizers, premium liquors, and over-the-top dishes that will “wow” your senses. We offer local fish, lobster, shrimp, and conch for seafood, as well as fresh cuts of pork and chicken too. Fresh sushi and sashimi are other specialties that we love serving on successful catch days. And to go with all these delicious foods, we have authentic Abuelo-brand Panamanian rum and also whisky, vodka, scotch, tequila, red and white wines, and local Panama beer.

How Do We Catch the Fish to Make Our Dishes?

Aside from the amazing taste, the best thing about our dishes is how we source our food and how you can be a part of the whole experience. The fish we catch on our fishing charters is used to make our delicious Panama food. This is possible because the Gulf of Chiriqui is one of the best saltwater sport fishing destinations in the entire world.

These unspoiled, nutrient-rich waters are ideal for many of the best fish for cooking, which makes this an ideal trip to take for seafood lovers. As fishing experts in this area, we know all the best bait techniques, fishing locations, and times of year to bait for different types of fish so that you can be successful out on the water.

Our Private Chef and Panama Island Lodge Fish Experience

Another great part about booking your adventure with us is that we handle all the details so you can enjoy the best aspects of fishing and dining with none of the hassles. Our very own private chef, Chef Eddie, prepares the very finest meals at the lodge and also for your dining pleasure out on the boat. He can also accommodate food allergies and special preferences to personalize your Panama foodie experience.

You’ll love our off-the-grid lodge inside Panama’s Gulf of Chiriqui National Park that feels like a tropical jungle island paradise. After fun days of fishing and eating great meals, you get to relax in comfort at our luxurious accommodations consisting of two- and three-bedroom guest houses with all the modern comforts of home.

How to Book a Trip and Learn More

If catching and feasting upon the best fish in the world sounds like an ideal getaway, then now is the time to book your trip with us! Captain Shane would love to answer any questions you have, so reach out today at [email protected] or 866-245-1492. We can’t wait to show you around our area and serve you Panama cuisine you’ll never forget!