With kids these days spending more time on screens than ever before, you may be wondering how to entertain and engage your child or grandchild in fun and productive ways. There are so many lessons to be learned from spending time outside in nature, and fishing is a great example of how to get your little one outdoors and connect with the environment.

Here are some tips for fishing with kids and how to take your shared love of fishing to the next level by planning an overseas fishing excursion!

Why Take Your Kid Fishing?

Fishing offers a wonderful way to bond with your kid while learning about animals and protecting the natural environment. This hobby gets kids outside and active while also teaching them about responsibility, respect, and patience. Kids will learn educational lessons about the various species of fish, such as yellowfin tuna, and what makes them unique and special. It engages all of the senses and helps to build confidence and wilderness skills. You can make memories with the child in your life and find happiness in life’s simple pleasures while out on the water together with a fishing pole.

Tips for Fishing with Kids

If you want to take a kid fishing, it is a good idea to know what you are doing yourself so that you can provide guidance based on your skills and knowledge. Talk to your kids about fishing before going out on the water, and maybe watch some videos about fishing together so they know what to expect.

Start your children off with fishing at an early age, but manage your expectations. Be patient with them as they learn, take breaks, and bring plenty of snacks! Stock up on kid-friendly fishing equipment, such as smaller rods and lighter reels, so that they can get used to the process of fishing without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

How to Take a Kid Fishing in Panama!

It is typically best to introduce your child to fishing at familiar, nearby places at first to gauge their interest in the sport. But once you and your kiddo have learned the basics, it can be a fun and educational experience to plan a fishing-themed vacation to really test your skills and make some memories.

We are a family-friendly sport fishing company that welcomes kids on our excursions. We love kids and welcome the opportunity to teach them how to fish. In fact, we host many families at our sport fishing lodge and offer to teach children under the age of 12 how to fish for free! We take families out on the water in the Gulf of Chiriquí and Hannibal Bank to experience the very best of fishing in Panama.

Contact us at [email protected] or 011 (507) 6675-7191 to learn more about how we accommodate children and to discuss planning a sport fishing trip to Panama with your little angler!