Here at the Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge, we catch many different species of fish, and in fact, there are over 50 species of game fish to be caught here! Many anglers are already familiar with catching marlin, yellowfin tuna, and roosterfish. But another really exciting fish to catch is the Pacific snook.

In this article, we are focusing the Pacific snook fish, including why they’re great to catch, where to find them, and the techniques we use to catch them.

Characteristics of the Pacific Snook

Also known as “Robalo,” Pacific snook are found in warm coastal waters. There are actually six species of snook in the Pacific Ocean and six more species in the Atlantic Ocean. Pacific snook are known to move between fresh water and salt water seasonally and even take up residence around offshore wrecks in shallow waters.

These fish have aggressive feeding patterns, switchblade-like gill plate covers, and often weigh in the 15- to 30-pound range. However, some record-breaking fish have been caught with heavier weights that exceed 50 pounds.

Where We Find Pacific Snook

In our area, we find Pacific snook near estuary systems on the mainland or larger islands, as well as near river mouths. These are aggressive inshore fish that we often see around large collections of small baitfish in the Gulf of Chiriquí.

You may be able to catch a Pacific snook while on an excursion with us to Hannibal Bank or on a Boca Chica fishing charter. They aren’t the most common fish that we catch when we’re out on the water, but we still love to target them for fun and an extra challenge.

Techniques to Catch Pacific Snook

It can be difficult to catch Pacific snook because they put up strong fights and have short feeding periods. However, we often have success with this type of fish around the many islands in our area and near river mouths.

To catch Pacific snook, we typically cast small swimbaits into the water where we see the fish or where we see them chasing baitfish. Light saltwater spinning and baitcasting setups can be used to catch Pacific snook, especially when you pitch lures or baits near docks or other inshore structures.

Catch a Pacific Snook with Us!

If you are interested in learning more about Panama fishing and catching your very own Pacific snook, then you’re in the right place! We specialize in Panama fishing charters and sport fishing packages that include stays at our off-the-grid island lodge and transportation too. Captain Shane is your local expert for fishing in this amazing part of the world, and we can’t wait to teach you everything we know. Book your adventure today!