Professional and amateur anglers go fishing for a variety of reasons, such as relaxation, fellowship, a challenge, and to improve their skills. One particularly exciting type of fishing is trophy fishing, which means something a little different for everyone.

This article explores what trophy fishing is and how you can catch your very own trophy fish on an adventure in Panama.

Definition of a Trophy Fish

The definition of a trophy fish is subjective and varies between different fish species and regions of the world. Generally, a trophy fish is exceptionally long or heavy for its species, making it a rare, prized catch. There are specific standards that anglers typically follow for freshwater and saltwater trophy fish. The size and abundance of a fish population can contribute to whether a fish is a “trophy fish.” At the same time, local regulations and personal preferences will dictate whether you should keep or release a trophy fish.

Why Go Trophy Fishing?

Trophy fishing epitomizes the pure excitement of this sport and makes for legendary days that you will recount in stories for many years to come. It gives anglers of all skill levels a goal to work towards and feels so rewarding when you pull an unexpectedly massive fish out of the water. If you are catching fish to eat, a trophy fish will yield more tasty meals. However, anglers should be mindful of not wasting meat for conservation purposes and the meat quality in very large fish caught.

Trophy Fish to Catch in Panama

Here in the Gulf of Chiriquí and Hannibal Bank, you can catch several types of trophy fish, including marlin, sailfish, roosterfish, and cubera snappers. A marlin is often considered to be a trophy fish at 500 pounds for black and blue species. The standard for sailfish is 200 pounds or seven feet in length. In most regions, the trophy fish standard for yellowfin tuna is 100 pounds, but it’s more like 200 pounds in places like Hawaii and Mexico.

The exotic Panama trophy roosterfish is considered a “bucket list fish” and can weigh more than 100 pounds and be five feet long. These measurements stand out because the average roosterfish is more like 60 pounds. Cubera snappers reach weights up to about 70 pounds here in Panama, but you might get lucky with a bigger one of these too!

Catch a Trophy Fish with Us!

There’s nothing quite like catching a trophy fish in Panama when you book a vacation package with lodging or a day charter. Our very own Captain Shane knows all the best tips and tricks for catching trophy fish in this world-class fishing destination to help you be successful with the massive and impressive fish out in the water. Over 250 IGFA World Records have been set in Panamanian waters…will you set the next one?

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