In the world of sport fishing, some types of fish are great to catch, some are used for bait, and some can serve both purposes. Blue runner fish are a great example of a fish that is fun to catch and be used as bait too!

This article explores more about blue runner fish, how we use them for bait around Hannibal Bank, and where we commonly use this type of fish.

Characteristics of Blue Runner Fish

Blue runners are large fish that are part of the Carangidae (jack) family. These fish are common in the Atlantic Ocean and can reach weights of about five kilograms and lengths of up to 70 centimeters. Common names for this fish are blue runner, green jack, hardtail, hardtail jack, jackfish, black jack, and bluestripe jack.

In general, blue runner fish are fast swimmers and natural predators. They can be found in inshore and offshore habitats, as well as manmade structures, shallow reefs, and lagoon areas.

How to Catch Blue Runner Fish

Since blue runners are large fish, they require strong main lines to handle their weight and power. It is common to catch blue runner fish with a hook and line, but they can also be caught using a rig or by trolling. Shrimp can be used as bait to catch blue runners. These fish can be caught year-around, but spawning season between June and August is an especially good time to catch them.

Using Blue Runner Bait Fish

Blue runners are the staple bait that we use here at the Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge. At our lodge, we typically have these fish already caught and ready to use in our pens for the next day of fishing.

Blue runner bait fish are useful for catching inshore species, such as the Cubera Snapper and Almaco Jack. We drop down live, bridled blue runners with weights and also set out bridled baits without weight for this purpose. When fishing for marlin and other pelagic species, we often fish two bridled blue runners on the outriggers and two bridled bonitos on the flat lines for a great combination of live baits.

Learn More About Bait Fish with Us 

Depending on our goals for the day and the conditions, we many different techniques to catch the various types of fish that live around Panama. Blue runner bait fish are just one of those techniques, and one that we would be happy to teach you more about when you book a trip with us. Boca Chica fishing charters are an excellent way to improve your skills as an angler while having a great time with good people out on the open water.

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