Sport fishing is our business and our passion, but there are also lots of other amazing things to do in our home base of Boca Chica, Panama. Here in the Gulf of Chiriquí, our remote and tropical environment has a lot to offer visitors – whether it’s your first time here or an annual tradition.

Here are our top picks for Boca Chica, Panama things to do so you can start planning your trip with us!

Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

Boca Chica is best known for big game fishing trips, but it also offers wonderful opportunities to simply view wildlife in a natural habitat. Here you can see migrating whales, tropical birds, turtles, and other animals and plants that have made their home in our little corner of the world.

Try Different Water Sports

However, you certainly don’t have to spend all your time sitting on a boat when you’re in Boca Chica! You can get active with a variety of fun water sports, such as ocean kayaking and snorkeling. Beach combing is a popular activity for visitors, as well as taking scenic runs and walks along the beach. Meanwhile, local guides can take you diving to experience the underwater region of Panama in a whole new way.

Horseback Riding and Hiking 

Although much of the recreation around Boca Chica is focused on the water, you can also have fun with land activities, such as horseback riding. Some hotels in the region offer horseback riding as an add-on option, with tours led by local guides who can introduce you to the area. You can also bring your hiking boots along to explore Boca Chica on foot, but we suggest asking a local for recommendations and grabbing a map to bring along as you go exploring.

Taste the Local Cuisine

Another one of our favorite Boca Chica, Panama things to do is eat! Panama is a prime place for foodies who have a taste for adventure. There are some restaurants in the hotels and resorts that you can try while on vacation here, such as the Bocas del Mar Restaurant and Bar, which specializes in seafood with a waterfront setting. When you stay with us, our Chef Eduardo will prepare amazing local dishes for you each day so that you can get to know and appreciate Panamanian cuisine on a deeper level.

Simply Get Away from It All!

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and in need of a real vacation, Boca Chica is an ideal getaway spot. Not only do we offer multi-day fishing trips and day charters, but also a unique island lodge where you can life off-the-grid in a place with no traffic, crowds, or unwanted distractions.

We are in a true island paradise and tropical jungle environment that’s just 12 miles (a 30-minute boat ride) from Boca Chica. Enjoy complete isolation and seclusion to clear your mind and soothe your soul. Meanwhile, we’ll take care of all your meals, drinks, laundry, and relaxation needs so that you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Let us help you have an epic Panama vacation that you’ll never forget. Contact us today at 866-245-1492 or [email protected].