So, you’ve decided to book a fishing adventure in Panama? Awesome!

Now it’s time to start figuring out some of the logistics so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest without any hassles or headaches. There are various Panama transit options available depending on your travel style, budget, and itinerary.

Here are our tips for the best way to get around Panama and how we can help take care of your transportation needs.

Panama Transit by Plane

Travelers from all over the world arrive in Panama by plane because the country is well-connected by international flights. There are also short domestic flights available that typically take around an hour because of the short distances to get across this small country.

Panama Transit by Car

It is very possible to rent a car in Panama through a familiar rental car brand. However, many Panama travelers choose to not have a car due to the heavy traffic in the cities and rough rural roads. If you want to visit more remote parts of the country, a rental car may come in handy though. Taxis are often available in the cities, but it’s important to agree on a rate when you get into the cab to avoid being overcharged.

Panama Transit by Bus

Buses run frequently in Panama and are very affordable. This Panama transit option is preferred among many travelers because buses run to so many different places throughout the country. However, you’ll need to allow more time for your journey because most Panama buses make numerous stops along their routes.

Panama Transit by Train

Panama has the Panama Canal Railway as an option for train travel between Corozal and Colón. It’s an hour-long ride along the Panama Canal as a tourist route. There’s also a Metro subway system in Panama City. However, train travel is much more limited than bus travel in Panama, so you’ll likely need to use other means for getting around Panama to really see the sights.

Panama Transit by Boat  

As a tourist in Panama, you can take a boat tour to see the Panama Canal and surrounding waterways. Panama transit by boat is a primary means of transportation in the archipelagos and islands, while water taxis run between cities and popular destinations. Seeing Panama from the water is a unique experience and should be part of every traveler’s itinerary in the country. Traveling by boat is also the best way to reach epic fishing destinations off the mainland, like Hannibal Bank and throughout the Gulf of Chiriquí.

Our Panama Transit Options

Unless you’re a local and familiar with all the routes and timetables, the best way to get around Panama is to trust an expert who lives and works here. With our all-inclusive Panama fishing charters, we take care of your lodging and transportation, which includes a captain’s greeting at David’s Airport and transfer to your awaiting boat for a ride to and from the lodge on Isla Paridas. When you choose our VIP package, your rate includes domestic round-trip flights via Air Panama/Copa Airlines, jet service to and from David, minibus transfers in Panama City, and an on-call travel agent in Panama City to assist with any travel needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our convenient transportation options or for advice about how to get around Panama on your own. We look forward to showing you around our area helping you make the most of your time in Panama!