Dorado, also known as mahi-mahi, is a ray-finned fish that lives near the surface of the ocean in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. These fish are known for the bright blue, green, and yellow colors and also for being one of the most sought-after culinary fishes on seafood menus.

If you’ve never fished for dorado before or have had limited success on past fishing expeditions, the best way to catch a dorado is to hire an experienced local guide to take you out on a fishing charter and teach you the tricks and tips about this species of fish.

Where Do We Catch Dorado at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge?

Dorado is one of many types of fish that we are experts in catching here at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge. We catch dorado offshore where we find floating debris, like a log or weed line, and/or an abundance of bait fish. That is because these are aggressive fish that are constantly feeding and are lured to concentrations of bait that tend to hang out near floating debris out in the open ocean. Panama’s Gulf of Chiriqui, where we are located, is an excellent spot to catch dorado. There tends to be lots of bait around that make for a great food source of the dorado as the bathymetry of the gulf, and the prevalent ocean currents are prime to keep the bait hanging around the area. The Humboldt current, which flows north up the west side of South America, pushes its nutrient rich water up into the Gulf of Chiriqui bringing lots of microscopic life. This microscopic ‘super food’ supports the food chain of ever-larger bait fish that congregate here in the Gulf of Chiriqui. With this major food source present the dorado, and many other fish species, are drawn to the Gulf of Chiriqui to hunt.

Why Do We Catch Dorado?

One of the best things about catching dorado is that they are awesome fighters! When hooked they tend to jump repeatedly, change direction frequently, and make exciting runs with lots of energy. Another great reason we catch them is to eat. Their flaky white meat and excellent taste have made dorado on of the most popular fish species to eat on earth. It is a good thing as well that dorado is a very sustainable species of fish. They are one of the fastest growing species that also reproduce quickly and is very abundant in the Pacific waters of Panama. Mahi-mahi are common throughout the year, which means that you have an opportunity to catch them here regardless of when you book a fishing charter with us. The dorado in our area can range anywhere from 10 pounds to 60 pounds and are a true delight to catch and well to eat!

What Does Mahi-Mahi Mean?

The term “mahi-mahi” originates from Hawaii and means “very strong.” This is an apt name for this type of fish because these truly are powerful and fast, which also make them difficult to catch as a beginner! Mahi-mahi are also very nutritious fish to eat and support a well-balanced diet to make your body strong and healthy too.

Our Favorite Mahi-Mahi Fish Dishes

Mahi-mahi is delicious to eat and a favorite type of fish on many restaurant menus in our local cuisine in Panama. We serve a few different mahi-mahi dishes in our unique Panama sport fishing lodge and offer all-inclusive fishing packages that include all of the mahi-mahi you can eat! All you have to do is catch one first!!!

Mahi-mahi is often prepared with lemon and garlic sauce, glazed with Asian sauces and spices, and made sweet or spicy with honey and sriracha. Perfect on its own as sushi, in a sandwich, grilled, or fried, you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for dorado when you dine with us!

Why Experience Fishing in Panama with Us

If you want to catch a dorado and enjoy the best mahi-mahi in Panama, book your fishing charter today. We offer VIP sport fishing packages with all-inclusive accommodations, as well as day charters out of nearby Boca Chica to help you become an expert at catching this amazing fish. Contact us at 866-245-1492 or contact Capt. Shane direct at [email protected] to learn more!