As the summer starts up in the U.S., down here in Panama starts our ‘wet’ season. The hot temperatures of the dry season move out and it starts to rain in the late afternoons and evenings. It usually clears up by the morning and we have cooler days with calms seas. The added cloud cover of this time of year makes for cooler water temps but heats up the fishing action!

Big pods of Porpoises, with the Yellowfin Tuna in tow, really start to move up into the Gulf of Chiriqui from offshore, herding schools of spawing bait. Other pelagic species such as Black/Blue Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish, and Wahoo all show up to get in on the feeding frenzy. The inshore fishing really starts to heat up as well. The nearshore seamounts and rocky coastlines near our island, and other island groups, light up with activity as the water cools down. Roosterfish, Almaco Jack, Cubera Snapper, Mexican Barred Pargo, Blue Trevally, and more are all regular catches these months.

This June/July of 2023 was no exception as our clients had some EPIC catches and experienced some ‘National Geographic’ type scenes offshore here in the Gulf of Chirqui, Panama with our Captains!

Please check out all the photos (CLICK ON PHOTOS TO SEE FULL IMAGES) of some of the great catches, and good times, we had here in June and July.