Experienced anglers know and appreciate the importance of understanding sea conditions before planning any kind of sport fishing trip. Not only do the conditions affect your safety on the boat, but also the likelihood of you catching certain species of fish. Factors to consider for your time on the water include barometric pressure, sunlight, wind speed, rain, clouds, temperature, and sudden weather changes.

To help you prepare for your trip, here is some information about the sea conditions in the Gulf of Chiriquí and Hannibal Bank.

Calm Waters Conditions  

In our area of the ocean, you’ll typically find calm waters due to the protection that the mountains give the water from winds. The Gulf of Chiriquí is wonderfully calm because of this natural wind protection its location with the Continental Divide to the north and peninsulas that form the gulf to the east and west.

During the dry season, our seas typically run two feet or less, with that amount slightly bigger in the wet season. These conditions are easily navigable onboard our big, 33-foot World Cats. You’ll experience a smooth ride our boats and feel confident and safe while catching tuna and other fish.

How to Handle the Occasional Rough Water Conditions

But even in normally-calm waters, rough conditions can still occur and catch anglers off-guard. It is best to avoid especially rough water conditions whenever possible by watching the weather forecast and planning ahead. But when unexpected circumstances arise, it pays off to plan ahead by ensuring that every passenger has a lifejacket and the boat is equipped with a marine radio, emergency medicine kit, warm and dry clothing layers, and other supplies.

You’ll need to secure loose items on the boat so that they don’t get tossed overboard during rough conditions. It also helps to slow the boat speed, find optimal angles for going into the waves, and consider setting a new course towards calmer conditions in the water. If sea conditions are a bit rough but not prohibitive, we still may be able to fish but just make adjustments in our trolling, lure, and reel techniques. If sea conditions are three feet or less, the waves at least four seconds apart, and the wind less than 20 knots, we can still likely go out fishing.

Staying Safe in Panamanian Waters

Experiencing rough waters or being caught in a storm at sea can be downright terrifying if you don’t have the knowledge and experience to navigate back safely to shore. This is one of the many reasons why people hire us for Boca Chica Panama fishing charters and multi-day packages. You can experience a first-class fishing experience of a lifetime with no hassles and the confidence that you will be safe and having fun throughout your trip.

We’ll set you up in paradise in our sport fishing lodge and make sure you have everything you need to catch the biggest and best species of fish in Panamanian waters. Contact us today at 011 (507) 6675-7191 to book your trip!