There are many different factors to consider before heading out onto the water to go fishing. What’s the weather going to be like, what kind of fish are biting in the area, and what kind of equipment will make you most successful? Here in Panama, we often need to plan around the rain because we are in a humid, tropical climate with a long rainy season that runs from May to December.

So, is it better to fish before or after rain, or even during the rain? In this article, we explore those questions to help you plan your fishing trip right.

How Does Barometric Pressure Affect Fishing?

Barometric pressure is a measurement of atmospheric pressure and the weight exerted by air molecules in a particular place. It constantly changes and is affected by the weather. Normal barometric pressure ranges from 29 to 31 inches Hg.

Barometric pressure affects fishing because a falling barometric pressure reading typically indicates that rain is coming, and a rising number is a sign of mild weather ahead. With experience, you may be able to predict fish behavior based on barometric readings and catch more species of fish on the water.

Can You Fish in the Rain?

Although it might not be as pleasant to be outside on a boat in the rain, this is when you may be able to catch more fish than normal. Fish may come to the surface more when it is raining, and fish are typically more active when the conditions are cloudy than very sunny. However, your visibility may be limited during the rain, and you could be putting yourself at risk if the rain is accompanied by lightning.

Is It Good to Fish After Rain?

Fish often become more active after it rains because they leave their shelters and start hunting for food again. The water becomes cloudier if the recent rain was heavy and stirred up silt, sand, and mud. Certain types of fish are good to catch after rain, such as mackerel, because they have high energy and need to constantly eat to fuel that energy. Yellowfin tuna, meanwhile, are more active when the tides are shifting.

Is It Better to Fish Before or After Rain?

However, many anglers will tell you that fishing is the best before the rain because this is when barometric pressure drops and the reduced sunlight triggers fish to feed aggressively. Every experienced fishing enthusiast has an opinion about the best times to fish, and every storm brings unique challenges and rewards here in the Gulf of Chiriquí and Hannibal Bank.

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