Nov/2017 Panama Fishing Report – Mid-November 2017 started off Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge’s new fishing season here at our unique upscale spot on Isla Paridas. The weather was a definite factor as the rainy season is taking it’s time to depart. Usually by now the dry season has begun and the rain is limited but this year the wet season is going out with a bang.  Although the weather was a bit inclement at times…the fishing was still real good! We got some nice pictures, had a few memorable days of great fishing, released and ate a bunch of fish, and had a great time!

Jay and Mike fished with my Mate Juan and I for 5 days and each day we saw great action! We ran offshore pretty much every day and even though we had to work our way around some rain showers the seas were still pretty nice. We came across numerous floating logs and debris offshore that were holding some BIG Dorados! The Dorado haven’t shown up in numbers like this in a couple of years here in the Gulf of Chiriqui so it is a good thing to see them back.

One awesome day we came across a monster Bamboo tree with a commercial boat’s radio beacon attached to it…they must have been using it way offshore near Galapagos as a flaoting FAD to attract bait and Tunas (we find FADS like this all the time here)…and it happened to drift right up into our area.  As we pull up on the tree we can see a bunch of big Dorados and bait all swimming around. We catch 3 nice Bulls and a cow and then decide to keep on going. We run out to Isla Montuosa and Jay catches and releases his first Black Marlin! About 400 pound beauty!! Then on the way home…I pick up the mark and find the tree again using our Simrad Halo 4 radar. We run up on the tree and Mike and Jay both cast artificials at the Dorados we can see still around the tree…..BOOM!!….Mike hooks up a Bull Dorado on the Yo-Zuri Mag Darter….and then….BAM!!….Jay hooks and even bigger Bull on the Yo-Zuri Bul Pop popper! Double header!!! Definitely a memorable day!!!

Another memorable day from that trip was the rainiest of them all. It was actually raining and blowing so the seas were not good to run offshore. We decided to fish around the island and near the lodge. We were lucky enough to find a spot where the Roosterfish were chomping at the bit and we went 6 for 11 all in the same spot!! It was pretty awesome to see as we were literally passing by the exact same spot with our live baits and big Roosters were blowing up chasing our baits as we pegged Rooster after Rooster! And all nice sized ones…all over 25 pounds! Thanks so much to Jay and Mike for the business!!!

Nov/2017 Panama Fishing Report con’t – One day we fished with our buddy Chris and his wife Teresa from Central American Fishing and again the weather sucked. But we did do pretty good fishing though! Again the wind was blowing and rain was coming down but we got a few nice fish! Chris and Teresa caught an impressive African Pompano, a couple of Roosterfish, Jack Crevelles, and some nice Spanish Mackerels…all just a stone’s trow from the lodge here. Sorry the weather sucked guys…but I’m sure we will see you back! Thanks so much for the business!!

As we move towards the new year we are so excited to announce that we have make some BIG improvements for our clients here at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge! We have added another larger seaside guest house in the jungle at our boutique island lodge. Although it is not 100% complete….it will be by the end of the month. I made a short video walk though of the property and new guest house and posted it here on our YouTube channel… Senor Steve really out did himself and built an awesome 3 bedroom/2 bath luxurious seaside guest house for our client’s to luxuriously hang out and relax while staying with us here on the island! I will be sure to post some better pics of the new house as soon as we get time. Also, we have added another super nice 33′ World Cat to our “fleet” of boats. The “Sea TOY” just like the “T.O.P. Cat” is equipped with all brand new top of the line SIMRAD navigation and radar system. Also fitted with a pair of new 300 HP Suzuki 4-stroke outboards and completely rigged with dual live wells and Tuna tubes to fish hard! The maiden voyage of the “Sea TOY” will be coming up next month.  If you have ever fished with us here you know that our small operation has undoubtedly the nicest outfitted charter boats operating here in the Gulf of Chiriqui. Mostly due to the fact that we do not skimp when it comes to outfitting and also to everyone working here at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge takes great pride in maintaining our boats and equipment like professionals!

Enjoy the pics!!!

Captain Shane Jarvis

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