Nov 13&14/2015 Panama Fishing Report – Our buddy/client Jay Warner came out to fish for a couple of days with us here at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge and just posted this review of his stay and Panama fishing report here on Trip Advisor…

“I could go on for days trying to describe Shane’s lodge but I will attempt to condense it into a single page. I arrived at the airport in David and was greeted by Steve in the terminal to help with my luggage then escorted to Shane’s brand new van for his guest to be transported to the marina in. I’ve been to Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge before and it was awesome then but just like the new van, Shane is always upgrading/re-investing in his company to make it better each season. I dare to say that he has the best amenities of any operation in the Gulf of Chiriqui area. After a relaxing ride down river to the lodge from Pedegral we unloaded and got settled in for the night. Shane has a new Chef this season, Mark Novak, and boy can he cook. First nights meal was spaghetti and fresh salad followed the next morning by a egg casserole and fresh fruit and juice.  We caught a Rock Snapper one evening that Mark prepared for us that was probably the best fish meal I have ever had with the exception of the fresh tuna steaks that he prepared after we caught a couple of 80 lb class yellow fins. Then there was the Chicken Parm he cooked one night that I swear was the best I have ever eaten too. By now you can see the trend here, the food is absolutely to die for.

Nov 13&14/2015 Panama Fishing Report con’t – Since the last time I was there, Shane and staff have completely rebuilt the patio out of local hardwood called Neisboro, which has a beautiful finish to it. Once again upgrading the property to add to the customer experience. After gorging ourselves we headed off to bed which is another great experience, here you are in the middle of the Gulf of Chiriqui on and island and you have a hot shower, air conditioning that will freeze you if not careful with the setting and a very nice mattress to finish you off for the evening. There is nothing left out when it comes to comfort at the lodge, from the gourmet foods, to the comfortable sleeping conditions, down to the view from your cabana, it is all top notch and very well thought out. So lets get to the fishing. We fished in shore for 2 days and caught my first Rooster fish within sight of the lodge and a Rock Snapper that we had for dinner that night. After that we fished offshore for the last day and set out for Black Marlin which has been allusive to me much like the Rooster fish for so many years. After a couple of hours searching for Marlin we gave up on that and started looking for other options. About that time Shane noticed a bird pile that was showing up on his open array radar system, I know the importance of finding birds but never realized that you can find them on radar. Shane has that dialed in and we would have never found the tuna that we did without his knowledge of how to use that radar to locate birds that were 12 miles away. Once we arrived on the scene we found birds feeding over exploding yellow fin tuna, man o man what a rush that is. In very short order we are hooked up and I’m pinned to the gunnel with a ticked off 50 lb fish. Shane only uses the latest, top of the line, up to date rod and reel setups like the one I was using, Shimano everything, Terez spinning rod and a 18000 stella reel which made short order of that tuna. Next up was Shane’s manager of operations, Senor Steve, he got lucky to hook up with a 100 lber and once again with the use of their top notch equipment made short order of that fish too. At this point the tunas were still busting all around us but with 2 nice fish on board and it being 3:00 we decided to head to the hill for a comfy ride in on the Top Cat. If you haven’t fished on a World Cat you don’t know what you are missing, you can literally put a bean bag in the FRONT of the boat and take a siesta on the way in, that doesn’t happen in a mono hull for sure. Juan, Shane’s newest addition to the team, cleaned the fish with amazing to watch skill and had them on ice in no time flat. That night Chef Mark cooked them up to perfection and once again we gorged ourselves into a food coma and headed off to bed to dream about Paradise!! If you have ever considered going out of the country to fish I advise giving Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge a shot. Everything is taken care of for you, all you have to do is literally show up and enjoy your self for the duration of your stay, its that easy. So call Shane asap and get yourself booked for a trip of a lifetime. I promise you won’t find a place any better and if you do please let me know because I have got to see it. Thanks for the hospitality Shane, Steve, Juan, Mark and Burnebee (sp?) you guys have got it DIALED son!! See yall soon.”

Panama Fishing Report

Thanks for the favorable review Jay! Panama fishing report. Here are some pics from the trip…

Capt. Shane Jarvis

panama fishing reportpanama fishing report

panama fishing report

panama fishing reportpanama fishing reportpanama fishing reportpanama fishing report