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May 2018 – Yellowfin Tuna Mayhem!

As usual the month of May here in the Gulf of Chiriqui is inundated with Yellowfin Tunas…and we really like to fish for Tunas! We hosted a bunch of cool groups including filming with groups from our sponsors Grundens, Yeti, and Blackfin Rods! We also had the pleasure of hosting a few of our favorite groups again including Don Hunt, John Hinton, Tim Wintrode, and the Maynard clan. The fish Gods were looking down on us favorably again as we ran into some truly “National Geographic” feeding frenzies offshore and had some pretty damn good catches! Not only did we get some big Tunas but we had some great catches of Roosterfish, Dorado, and Cubera Snapper!

Enjoy the pics!…

Capt. Shane Jarvis

panama fishing lodge


panama fishing lodge




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