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March 2019 – Marlin, Roosters, Tuna, Cuberas, and More!

Our March 2019 Panama Fishing Report marks the height of the dry season here in Panama, in the Gulf of Chiriquí. Blue skies, smooth seas, and great fishing!

We fished 24 days hosting 10 great groups here on Isla Paridas at our upscale lodge 12 miles off the Pacific coast of Panama in the heart of the Gulf of Chiriqui. The Tuna have really started to move up into the gulf.   It appears that the yearly cycle seems to be starting a bit early, possibly due to the elimination of purse seiners and the commercial fishing regulations in place here in Panamanian waters.

For the most part, we had some really good luck with the Tunas offshore. We did have a couple of days where we couldn’t get them to bite but made up for it inshore with a Roosterfish or a Cubera Snapper!

This Panama Fishing Report confirms again the complete angler’s paradise we have here in the Gulf of Chiriquí. When hot you can expect double-digit marlin bites daily, endless topwater tuna action and this year an abundance of aggressive Mahi-mahi!

All our packages are custom-tailored to the number of available days you want to fish, lodging, transfer, local flights and more.

If you have fished with us before then you know that we are serious about only using the best equipment and keeping our gear in tip-top shape.  For the curious angler, we enjoy demonstrating the techniques that are successful for us.

Our clients caught Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna, and much more! Let’s let the pictures tell the story!!!…..

panama fishing lodges


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