Even if you are familiar with the geography of where Panama is located in Central America, you might not know much yet about Isla Montuosa. This is an island off the coast of Panama that is in the Pacific Ocean and within the Gulf of Chiriquí.

Since this is such a hot spot for sport fishing, we’d like to share what we know about Isla Montuosa and why it’s such an amazing place to fish. At the Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge, we know these waters very well and can’t wait to show you all that Isla Montuosa has to offer.

Where is Isla Montuosa?

Isla Montuosa is located about 77 kilometers off the mainland of Panama. It is the furthest island from the Panamanian coast and has been designated a wildlife refuge because of its unique flora and fauna. The island is remote paradise that’s perfect when you’re looking for a true escape.

It’s also an ideal place for fishing and diving when you’re craving an adventure. Popular Isla Montuosa dive locations are Labyrinth Point, which has shallow waters and hard coral structures, and Shark Point, which is near the shore and has a mix of rocks and corals in a canyon.

Why We Fish at Isla Montuosa

The Isla Montuosa region and Hannibal Bank are among of the best fishing areas in the entire world. There are lots of big game fish here and epic catches that you really must experience for yourself. The acrobatic fish species that you’ll find here are truly impressive, while the natural setting is peaceful and inspiring. Isla Montuosa is on the way from Boca Chica and Hannibal Bank, so there are lots of great opportunities here to pitch live bait, drop down a jig, or cast a popper.

Fish We Catch at Isla Montuosa

Around Isla Montuosa, we catch various kinds of billfish, especially black and blue marlin. Blue marlin fish are common in the area between January and March, while black marlin fish are prevalent in August and September. We catch yellowfin tuna year-around here, as well as the big “cow” tuna frequently in May and June. Dorado fish are abundant between October and February but can be found here all throughout the year.

Book Your Isla Montuosa Fishing Trip Today

Isla Montuosa is a very unique and special place because there are no resorts or services offered here. Therefore, most anglers who visit this region never actually step foot on the island and only spend time out on the water surrounding it.

One of the best ways to experience Island Montuosa is to book a Boca Chica fishing charter that includes convenient pickup and drop-off at the David Airport and transport by private van. We have an island lodge that is 12 miles offshore and on the way to all the best fishing spots of Isla Montuosa.

To learn more about Isla Montuosa or to book your trip, give us a call at 866-245-1492 or send us an email at [email protected].