In the world of sport fishing, we often use the terms “inshore” and “offshore.” If you are new to fishing or just the local lingo we use here in Panama, you might be unclear about what these terms mean and the different techniques and fish involved with each one.

Here is an overview of inshore vs. offshore fishing, including the top differences between the two fishing types and how to be successful with each one.

What Is Inshore Fishing?

Inshore fishing is sometimes called “bay fishing” and involves fishing in waters less than 30 meters deep and within about 15 miles from the shoreline. Inshore fishing can be done from smaller boats and last for half a day or a full day on a charter. You’ll find many inshore game fish species in the Gulf of Chiriquí, near Hannibal Bank, and right at our sport fishing lodge’s doorstep.

What Is Offshore Fishing?

In contrast, offshore fishing takes place in waters at least 30 meters deep and often between 15 and 80 meters away from the shoreline. Offshore fishing requires a larger boat and typically takes at least six hours, with multi-day excursions common too.

If you’re looking to catch the big yellowfin tuna, fishing offshore is a great strategy. Our package fishing trips usually run 40 or miles offshore to put our clients directly where the fish are biting.

Main Considerations for Inshore vs. Offshore

When deciding whether you want to plan an inshore vs. offshore fishing trip, consider the types of fish that you want to catch because some species of fish prefer shallower or deeper waters. It can be easier to get started with inshore fishing because you need less gear and less time is required if you are only able to commit to a short excursion.

You’ll need strong tackle to catch big fish while offshore fishing, and there’s a bigger learning curve for true beginners. But when you book a trip with us, we’ll show you everything you need to know offshore so that you can catch larger and more exotic fish. Other inshore vs. offshore considerations are whether you are prone to getting seasick on long boat rides and your budget to pay for the experience.

Be Successful with Both Inshore and Offshore Fishing in Panama!

As you can see, there are big differences between inshore vs. offshore fishing within this same sport. We are here to teach you everything about both styles so that you can have an amazing experience in Panama. We can even help you experience a little bit of both styles so you can choose the one you prefer for your next trip.

Learn more about Panama fishing on our website, or call Captain Shane directly at 011 (507) 6675-7191 with your questions!