Here at the Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge, we are truly lovers of the ocean in every way. This passion goes beyond just catching fish and extends to preserving, protecting, and observing marine life in natural habitats too.

For example, one of the most awe-inspiring activities that you can experience in Panama is whale watching. Here’s what you need to know about watching humpback whales in Panama and how we can help you with this adventure.

Where to See Whales in Panama

The best place to go whale watching in Panama is the Gulf of Chiriquí. This location is in a marine-protected area, which means that whales stay here to feel safe and raise their young. It’s a place where whales are comfortable with the boats around them and often get close enough to the boats so you can see them very well. This is definitely a region that you’ll get familiar with when you come with us on a fishing expedition at Hannibal Bank and the surrounding areas.

When to Plan a Whale Watching Trip

Our area of Panama is one of the few places where humpback whales from both the north and south hemispheres migrate to give birth to their babies. Whales even travel here from Antarctica, thousands of miles away, for the birth experience!

The best time to come here for whale watching is between the months of July and October. September is a particularly great time to see whales from Antarctica in their migratory patterns. Also, whales move through our area between January and March as they come from the north in search of warm water.

What to Expect When Whale Watching  

Whale watching is incredibly popular (and crowded) in some parts of the world, such as Alaska, Scotland, and the Azores. Panama rarely makes the lists of “top whale watching destinations,” but it really is one because of the abundance of whales here and calm environment that’s not packed with tourists. You may very well be the only ones on a boat having the whales all to yourself when you come here!

Humpback whales in Panama are known for their large size (up to 50 feet long!) and for their blowing and slapping behaviors. In addition to these animals, you may also see other types of whales and dolphins too.

Book Your Panama Trip with Us

Seeing whales in Panama is a quite magical and a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature while learning about these animals’ natural behaviors. Not only do we offer chartered fishing trips and overnight accommodations, but we’re also local experts who know how to help you have the best whale watching Panama experience.

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