For many fishing enthusiasts, catching a Marlin is a bucket-list endeavor worth telling stories about for many years to come. Marlins are fast and powerful fish that are challenging to catch but very rewarding for anglers of all skill levels.

Since catching Marlin in the Gulf of Chiriquí and Hannibal Bank is one of our top specialties, we’d like to offer some tips and advice for how to catch Marlin for yourself!

Know the Best Marlin Fishing Spots  

Marlin fish live in various places around the world but tend to gravitate towards certain areas during distinct seasons. Marlin fishing in Panama is very popular, especially between November through February and between July through September. Yet both Black Marlin and Blue Marlin can be found in the water around Panama all throughout the year. Other places that you can try Marlin fishing are Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, and Florida.

Head Out to the Deep Ocean

Something else to know about Marlin is that they prefer deep water, so you may want to take your boat out at least several miles from the coast. Blue Marlin dive deeper than Black Marlin, while Black Marlin stick closer to the reefs and islands that are closer to shore.

Choose Heavy-Duty Tackle

Since Marlin are such strong and aggressive fish, you’ll need to choose your most heavy-duty rods and reels for the adventure. Tackle needs to be durable enough to withstand intense pressure, which is important to know if you are supplying your own gear rather than using the gear provided on a charter fishing boat.

Try Using Artificial Lures

While fishing around Panama, we have often had good luck using artificial lures that are trolled behind a boat to catch Marlin. This is because the bright colors of the lures get the fish’s attention and really entice them to take a bite. The splash and trail of artificial lures is great for catching Marlin.

But it certainly doesn’t hurt to try some live bait too, especially when you are trolling a small area where Marlin have gathered. You can also protect your expensive artificial lures from damage if the fishing area you’re in is filled with many other big fish besides Marlin.

Hire an Experienced Local Guide

However, one of the best tips for how to catch Marlin is to head out on the water with someone who has extensive experience with these types of fish. We specialize in Boca Chica, Panama fishing and can help you be successful in catching a Marlin all your own aboard our boat. We offer Boca Chica fishing charters and welcome you to stay at our unique sport fishing island lodge.

Book your trip today to have the Marlin fishing adventure of a lifetime!