Here in the Gulf of Chiriquí, one of our favorite fish to catch is the Roosterfish. This is a truly special and sought-after species of fish that is on the bucket list of many anglers. But since these fish can reach weights up to 100 pounds and lengths up to five feet, many people wonder exactly how you go about catching one of them.

Since Roosterfish are one of our specialties here at the Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge, we’d like to offer some tips and advice about how to catch a Roosterfish so you can have the experience of a lifetime.

Choose the Right Location

The Boca Chica area of Panama and Hannibal Bank are ideal places to be if you are interested in catching Roosterfish. These fish love the warm waters around Central and South America and live here year-around. Roosterfish are also common around Isla Coiba, Isla Secas, and right in front of our very own island lodge on Isla Paridas.

Visit in the Optimal Season

In our region, Roosterfish can be caught during most times of the year, which is great news if you’re looking to a book a fishing trip. However, we tend to be most successful out on the water with the Roosterfish between December and February and then again between May and July. This is when the waters get calm and the fish get very active.

Tackle for Roosterfish

Roosterfish are big fish that fight hard, and they are known to live near rocky areas. You can use light tackle with these fish, such as an Accurate BX500 reel.

Lures for Roosterfish

It is not very easy to catch a Roosterfish with lures because they often just stop following the lure after a while. Aggressive Roosterfish can sometimes be caught with lures that skip on the surface, however.

Baits for Roosterfish

But if you are serious about catching Roosterfish, it’s better to use live bait rather than lures. Roosterfish prefer live bait over dead bait and may play with the bait for a bit before being hooked.

Roosterfish Catching Techniques

Roosterfish are unique fish that often feed at the surface and splash around as they chase the bait. These fish may actually chase the bait all the way onto the shore. You can use a trolling technique to catch Roosterfish and even use fly-fishing techniques. Fishing charter services give you the best opportunities for how to catch a Roosterfish and have success with the help of an experienced captain and mate.

Catch Your Next Roosterfish with Us!

If you are now inspired to catch a Roosterfish of your very own, contact us to arrange an epic Panama fishing experience! View rates and packages on our website, or give us a call at 866-245-1492.