The exciting waters around Panama are an ideal place to be if you love the sport of fishing and have a taste for big adventure. One of the most prominent types of fish in our area is the snapper, but there are a few different species of snappers that are native here.

Here’s an overview of the types of snapper fish in Panama and how we catch them at the Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge.

Cubera Snappers

The Cubera Snapper is the largest type of snapper and can reach weights up to about 70 pounds. These are mean-looking fish that have huge teeth! They fight hard and are an excellent challenge for anglers.

Mullet Snappers

This type of snapper fish has reddish-orange scales and a slimmer body and smaller head than the Cubera. Mullet Snappers are typically between 10 and 30 pounds and can be even more aggressive than Cuberas.

Mexican Barred Snapper

Also known as the Mexican Barred Pargo or Rocquero, this type of snapper has a copper-reddish-brown color and vertical white stripes. These fish typically weigh less than the other types of snapper in Panama and are a truly beautiful fish to see for yourself.

Where We Fish for Snapper

We head out to shallow waters of less than 200 feet, inshore near the islands, and around submerged rocks to catch Cubera Snapper. These are also favorite habitats for Mullet Snappers, which travel in large schools and put up a good fight. We are successful in catching these fish on dead bait, live bait, poppers, and jigs. Mexican Barred Snappers live in these same types of environments too, although most off the ones we catch get hooked when we fish right on the bottom.

Why Snapper Enthusiasts Stay with Us

Anglers from around the world love fishing with us and staying at our lodge because of our expertise and commitment to sustainable and responsible fishing. For example, even though Cubera Snappers are delicious to eat, we understand that these are a borderline-endangered species so we release all of the Cubera Snappers that we catch so that you can keep coming back to experience catching this amazing fish.

Meanwhile, Mullet Snapper are plentiful and equally delicious to eat, so we love feasting on these fish back at our lodge after a successful day on the boat. Our expert chef onsite knows the best ways to prepare the local fish we catch to eat, including Mexican Barred Snapper that can be tough if it’s not cooked properly.

Book Your Snapper Adventure Today

Snappers are one of the most popular fish to catch in our area and offer a great experience for anglers of all skill levels. We offer day charters from Boca Chica, VIP sport fishing packages, upscale lodging, delicious meals, and lots more for our guests.

Book your trip with Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge today to learn more about these amazing types of snapper and catch a few of your very own!