Here off the coast of Panama, there are many different species of fish to learn about if you are interested in sport fishing. It’s important to know how to distinguish these fish from one another so that you can use the right lures, bait, and techniques to catch them successfully.

Two fish that are often mistaken for each other are the pompano and the jack crevalle. This article explores the similarities and differences between pompano vs. jack crevalle so that you can get prepared for your Panama fishing trip.

Similarities Between the Pompano and Jack Crevalle

The pompano and the jack crevalle are easily confused because they have similar body types, live in the same areas, and eat the same things. Both species are from the same fish family, have aggressive feeding habits, and travel in packs. These fish also both have yellow and gold fins, and they can be similar in size too.

Getting to Know the Pompano

A pompano has a single dorsal fin and a thicker tail. This fish has a smooth tail, which is in contrast to the jack crevalle’s rougher tail. Other defining characteristics of this fish are a head shaped like a football and a somewhat silver coloration. Pompanos have smaller mouths than jack crevalles too. When it comes to eating fish, pompanos are considered to be considerably tastier than jack crevalles. Pompano fish have an excellent flavor and moistness that is far better than any jack crevalle you put on your plate.

All About the Jack Crevalle

Meanwhile, jack crevalle fish have a two-part dorsal fin and a thinner tail. You can identify this fish by its rough tail with bony scutes. Jack crevalles have blunt heads and a color that is more yellow or bronze than silver. You’ll also see black spots where the pectoral fins begin and see that the second dorsal fin and anal fin are about the same size. However, one of the easiest ways to tell a jack crevalle apart is size because these fish are typically larger than pompano.

Catch Pompano and Jack Crevalle with Us! 

When you visit the Gulf of Chiriquí and Hannibal Bank, you can catch everything from pompano to jack crevalle, tuna, marlin, roosterfish, and more. We’ll take you out on our boat and show you everything we know about catching the fish that interest you the most and based on what is biting that day.

To book your trip and reserve your stay in our sport fishing lodge that offers the closest accommodations to the offshore action at Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa, contact us today. We look forward to showing you the differences between pompano vs. jack crevalle up close and in person!