Dec/2015 Panama Fishing Report – We fished only 6 days all of December 2015 here at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge on Isla Paridas in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama…the first 4 days were in the first week of December and the last two days were in the last week of December. The weather was super nice everyday with flat calm seas.

The action was pretty slow the first week as warm water moved into the gulf and the bait at Isla Montuosa and Hannibal Bank pretty much disappeared. Great guys Wes, Wes Jr., and Warren from California and Arkansas fished with me four days on the “TOP Cat”. Pretty disappointing as I was looking to get a Marlin for these guys and it was tough. We had on a BIG Marlin come up on the second day on a plastic and completely spool on of the 50s! Bummer! Other than that we had a Marlin come up and whack a live Bonito and disappear. Tough. We did get a few Dorado but not up to par with what we usually see this time of year. There were some huge logs and debris lines offshore but 9 out of 10 of them were empty without bait or fish. Inshore we did get a bit of action but again not up to Panama standards apparently due to the high water temps.

The Dec/2015 Panama Fishing Report continued – The last week of the year we fished with Rouse, his girlfriend Whitney, and his Dad Wayne a super cool group from Oregon. The water temps cooled down a bit since the first week in December. It was Rouse’s 29th birthday on the first day and he got a hell of a present….an hour and a half battle strapped into the Aftco harness with a big YFT on a spinning rod! We didn’t get out to Isla Montuosa and start fishing till 12:30 as some flight cancellations and ensuing delays made us very late. But it didn’t matter…as soon as we got out there we got lucky and ran smack into a pod of Porpoises working a bait ball with Tunas busting! We toss a bridled Bluerunner into the frenzy and…..BOOM! A 100# Yellowfin Tuna comes up and enhales it. Great present! The next day we found the Tunas again and got three smaller ones but all fun…and great action seeing Tunas busting boatside! It was definitely a treat as we do not usually see many YFTs around this time of year…and some great sushi was made by chef Mark to celebrate Rouses’ birthday!

The water temps are settling down a bit and we are starting to see more bait and activity at Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa it is going to be a great 2016!

Enjoy the pics…

Capt. Shane Jarvis

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