If you have some prior experience with fishing, you might feel comfortable going fishing by yourself and even have your own equipment. But anglers of all ages and skill levels can benefit from working with an expert guide, especially if you need to use a new technique, target a new species of fish, or want to fish in an unfamiliar place.

Here’s why you should hire a fishing guide and how we can set you up with one in one of the best fishing destinations in the world: Panama.

1. Learn the Proper Techniques

One of the most incredible things about fishing is that it is a lifetime sport, meaning that there is always something new to learn and grow from. When you hire a fishing guide, you can learn the basics and get over the learning curve quicker. Our very own Captain Shane will share his wealth of knowledge and experience with you so that you can be safe and successful on the water while having a ton of fun. 

2. Increase Your Chances of a Catch

When you hire a guide, you also increase the likelihood of catching an epic fish or more fish than you likely would otherwise. It can be frustrating being out on the water all day while catching nothing, especially for novice anglers and kids. Reeling in a fish of your very own will motivate and inspire you to keep up with the sport and enjoy every minute of the experience.

3. Get Comfortable with New Waters

All oceans, bays, rivers, lakes, and gulfs are unique when it comes to sport fishing. If you have only fished in a certain area before, it is beneficial to hire a fishing guide to navigate new aquatic terrain. Don’t waste valuable time trying to figure out new waters by yourself when you have limited vacation time. We know the Gulf of Chiriquí and Hannibal Bank better than anyone and will show you the ropes in an efficient and enjoyable way. 

4. Save Money on a Boat and Gear

Another big reason why you should hire a fishing guide is to save money. While you might hesitate at the upfront cost of a day charter or all-inclusive fishing package, the cost is far less than owning your own boat, transporting your boat to a desired destination, and purchasing all of the necessary gear and equipment. We take great pride in our boats and equipment by meticulously inspecting and maintaining them to be prepared for your big adventure.

5. Connect with Other Fishing Enthusiasts 

Sport fishing can also be a social sport that is perfect for making new friends and connecting with the global fishing community. We can all learn a lot from different anglers’ experiences and get inspired by the fishing expeditions of the people we meet.

Here at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge, we can’t wait to meet you and show you everything we know as your local guides in Panama. Contact us at 866-245-1492 to book your trip or ask us any questions!