March 1-18/2016 Panama Fishing Report – We fished 5 great groups, a couple day charters out of Boca Chica, and 17 of the first 18 days of March 2016 here at our private island lodge in the heart of the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama.

We are the closest fishing lodge in Panama to the offshore action at Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa. A thirty minute boat ride (12 miles) from Boca Chica, and a one hour ride from David’s port of Pedregal, brings you to the largest island in the chain…Isla Paridas.  No big industrial commercial fishing operations, and governmental protection of all billfish are a few of the reasons why fishing Panama is so great.

In addition our island lodge is a place where those who do not want to fish can enjoy and have fun while the anglers chase marlin, tuna, wahoo, grouper and more?

A lot of days in a row fishing is how it goes this time of year as it’s the height of our tourist season here. The “bite” definitely picked up as the days progressed…probably accountable to the cooler water temps that moved in and heated up the action!

We had some excellent inshore multiple species fishing as well as some intense Tuna action down south around Isla Jicaron that seems to get better as each day goes by. Lots of good times and great food By Chef Mark! Many more groups and days to go so I’m going to let the pictures do the talking for this report…

Capt. Shane Jarvis

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