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January 2018 – Starting Off the New Year With a Bang!

We really started off 2018 here at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge with a bang! We hosted three great groups, and fished 15 days, from our upscale private island lodge located 12 miles off the Pacific coast of Panama. The action offshore was great as the water temperature has stayed cool and a concentration of different types of bait is starting to stack up here in the Gulf of Chiriqui with pelagics in tow! We had lots of big Dorados around and the Yellowfin Tunas decided to show back up a bit early..and in numbers! We released a few Marlin as well. And as you will see from all the pictures…we did pretty well with the inshore species particularly the Cubera Snappers…releasing quite a few monsters this month. Everything went great with some pretty consistent fishing and our clients seemed to really be enjoying themselves and the good times! 

Tom, Marty, Steve, Mike, Randy, and Roger joined us from Chicago escaping the bitter cold and hoping to catch a few nice fish. Not only did they manage to drink the majority of the liquor we had here on the island…they also caught a bunch of really nice fish! Black and Blue Marlin, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, Almaco Jacks, Horse-eye Jacks, Cubera Snappers, Blue Trevalle, Sailfish, Roosterfish, Jack Crevalle, Mullet Snapper, and more were all caught by these guys the 4 days we fished our two 33′ World Cats here in the Gulf of Chiriqui. Capt. Juan, and his Mate Carlos, really did a great job running the “T.O.P. Cat” and my mate Johnny and I ran the “SEA TOY”. It was really an enjoyable time fishing and hosting these guys as it wasn’t so much about how many fish they caught it was about having a good time!

Next up was returning clients Jim and Tod who brought their buddies Al and Bryan with them this time. It was Jim’s 80th birthday trip so he was really looking to forward to some big fish….no pressure! Well it seemed that the fish Gods were with Jim…as the three days we fished with these guys we pretty much slayed ’em everyday! We got into some really nice 80# class Yellowfin Tuna action a couple of days around the commercial guys who had the fish up and feeding. We caught a few real nice Bull Dorados, we got into some red hot Mullet Snapper action, and Jim had a hell of an 80th birthday capping it off by catching and releasing a trophy sized Roosterfish! Happy birthday Jim! Bryan sent us this video he made from all the footage he took from the trip on his Go Pro and drone and it really is kick ass…THE LINK TO THE VIDEO HE MADE IS HERE…. Awesome video Bryan!!!

Last but certainly not least…first time clients all from Canada….Neil, Bryan, Tom, Greg, Dave, and their American friend Tommy joined us for 8 days of fishing and adventure here on the island. These guys wanted to mainly focus on targeting Marlin with plastic lures and brought down with them a wide selection of Black Bart lures to try out. The first few days were slow…Marlin wise…but we really got into some BIG Bull Dorados, Tunas, and Cubera Snappers before the bite heated up the last couple days of the trip. Tommy had all the luck and released an impressive Cubera that must have been 60 pounds, got a Bull Dorado that was 50 pounds, and wound up with a beautiful Black Marlin we released that was an estimated 450 pounds! We wound up with only 4 Marlin releases for the trip but on the last day we had some great action…but tough luck…as we had 8 different Marlin, on my boat up, in the spread swiping at our lures but we couldn’t get one to connect! We had a great time fishing and hosting these guys and hope that we see them back again. Thanks so much for the business guys! 

Enjoy the pics!….

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