August/2017 Panama Fishing Report – August 2017 at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge was undoubtedly a great month for us here in the Gulf of Chiriqui! We hosted two awesome groups, had a couple of days of day charters out of Boca Chica, and fished a total of ten days. The Black and Blue Marlin were concentrated in numbers at Hannibal Bank, we got into a few good schools of Yellowfin Tunas still holding up here in the Gulf, and the inshore fishing was on fire! The photos of happy clients with their catches are what really “tell the tale” and we got a bunch of photos!!!

The west coat crew from California, Arizona,and Hawaii…Frank, Dennis, Dennis, Mark, Clark, Randy, Clark, and Miles were the first group we hosted in August. Their good buddy Maurice had been planning the trip for close to two years with me and then wound up not being able to make the trip because of a health issue. Even though Maurice couldn’t make it…each night via the internet….the guys gave him daily updates and sent him pics of the day’s catches to keep him in the loop and boost his spirits…pretty cool! These guys had some really good action inshore releasing at least 9 or 10 Roosterfish all here around the island. We fished 2 boats with these guys and Capt. Tatin on the “Scandalous” also got these guys some nice African Pompanos, Almaco Jacks, and Blue Trevalles among others. Offshore, with my mate Juan and I, Clark battled and released an impressive Black Marlin on the first day. But these guys wanted Tunas and it was a bit tough finding them offshore the week they were here. Thank goodness on the last day, at the last minute, we ran into a good school of Porpoises that were holding Tunas and got a few nice ones to save the trip and put some fish in their coolers! Another super cool group of guys and great time! Thanks so much for the business and we hope to see you back here sometime soon!

Next up was another west coast family crew of Darrell, Duane, David, Mike, and Shawn. These guys had the same thing in mind as the group prior…Tuna, Tuna, Tuna! These guys brought their Yetis as well with plans of bringing some Tuna home. Again it was tough finding the Tunas for the first couple of days…but we did have some awesome Marlin action on the first day! Not 15 minutes after putting in the baits…we miss a Blue Marlin that spit the hook after we watched it eat one of our live baits right next to the boat! Ten seconds afterwards we hook another fish and Shawn winds up releasing his first Blue Marlin. A super nice 400 pound fish! Finally on day three I decide to go in a different direction out in search of the Tunas and we hit it big! Out in the middle of nowhere…15 miles west of Isla Montuosa…we see a great mark on our SIMRAD Halo 4 radar about 6 miles out…it’s a huge concentration of frigate birds! As we run up on the birds we can see Porpoises jumping and white splashes of fish busting in the distance…Tunas! We pitch some live Blue Runners in front of the school and it’s on! It is a true “Chinese Fire Drill” as we have multiple double hook ups on Yellowfin Tunas…these guys are dancing around the boat passing rods over and under each other as they fight the fish!

August/2017 Panama Fishing Report con’t – Everybody gets shot or two and we get a buch of Tunas in the 30-60 pound range…enough to fill the coolers! The lucky one Shawn gets a nice one one a popper and and the end of the day gets another nice 100 pound Tuna! Since the coolers were full…on the last day these guys wanted to switch it up and do some inshore fishing. We wound up having nothing less than an epic day releasing 7 Roosterfish!!! We also got a nice African Pompano that Chef Erick prepared for dinner later that night that was nothing short of awesome! All of our luck fishing came that same day after saving a Frigate bird. In the middle of a rain shower, we came across a juvenile Magnificent Frigatebird who was in the water flapping it’s wings and in trouble. We picked it up with our net and let it ride on the boat for a few hours to dry out. Frigates can’t dive into the water, like some other birds, and will get water logged and drown. While this guy was hanging out on the boat we released a bunch of fish! It was some good karma coming back to us for sure! Yet another great bunch of guys we had the pleasure to host/fish with. Thank you so much!!!

Capt. Tatin had a couple of days of day charters on the “Scandalous” out of nearby resort town Boca Chica with Angie and company from Minnesota. Right here around our island and near Isla Secas these guys had some great luck releasing a bunch of Roosters and different species. Barracuda, Rock Snapper. Jack Crevalle, Horseeye Jacks, and African Pompanos they all caught and released! Thanks so much to our new friend Angie and hope to see you guys back again this season!

Enjoy the pics!!!…

Captain Shane Jarvis 

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